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The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is a thought leadership event series, designed to inform, inspire and promote the appreciation of ingredients and food practices distinctive of the Mediterranean cuisine. translating the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet into commercial opportunities in the United States.

The Mediterranean Diet is recognized by UNESCO as a Global Intangible Cultural Heritage (2010), symbol of a unique synergy between nature and culture distinctive of the Mediterranean countries and regarded as a universal value worldwide. It is a healthy, delicious and sustainable choice for the planet as well as a meaningful way to reduce obesity and other diseases in America.

Therefore, the MDR is playing a key role in repositioning the Mediterranean Diet as a competitive driving force to shape the current offering in high volume commercial and non-commercial food service, as well as retailers and restaurants. If you are looking to capitalize on and learn more about the #1 diet in the US, then you cannot miss the MDR programs, which provide the audience with solid scientific evidence from world-class scholars and insights from amazing food service operators, to gain a deep understanding of the health values, commercial benefits and market trends for Mediterranean foods in this dynamic, informative and interactive program.

Food Crossroads

Allison Arnett, MS, RD, CD-N

Dietitian specializing in chronic disease prevention

Team 2021

Alessio Fasano, MD

MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Harvard Medical School

Stefanos N. Kales MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM

Harvard Medical School & Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Maria Loi

Chef, restaurateur, Greek food ambassador, author, healthy lifestyle expert

Dr. Orlando V. Gonzalez M.D.

Sports Medicine & Anti-Aging Specialist

Lisa Eberhart

Director of Nutrition and Wellness at North Carolina State University

Randy Lait

Senior Director of Hospitality Services at North Carolina State University

Paul Rice

Founder & CEO, Fair Trade USA

Ron Green

The Urban Environmentalist

Ken Toong

Executive Director of University of Massachusetts, U-Mass Dining

Rafi Taherian

Yale Hospitality

Mary Flynn

The Miriam Hospital

Maria Psoma

Medical School of Athens

Dr. Artemis D. Morris

Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist

Hon. Aristos A. Constantine

Trade Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus, North America

Anne Mills

Director, Consumer Insights at Technomic

David Neuman

a/k/a EVOOGuy

Nicholas Gonring

Gordon Food Service

Midgie Cajayon

Food Services Officer, World Bank Group

Fil Bucchino

Founder of Abandoned Grove

Daniela Puglielli

Founder of MDR

Jocelyn Brown Hall

Director of FAO North America

MDR Connect

Alexander Athanassoulas

Founder and CEO of STIRIXIS Group

Coley Anderson

Director of Industry and Government Relations, Registrar Corp.

David Neuman

a/k/a EVOOGuy

C. Marina Marchese

Honey Sommelier

MDR Kitchen Stories

Mary Angela Miller, MS, RDN, LD

Mary Angela has spent over 30 years leading and feeding people

Brynn McDowell

The Domestic Dietitian

Elena Paravantes

Nutrition and Communications

Amy Riolo

Writer and TV personality

Maria Loi

Chef, restaurateur, Greek food ambassador, author, healthy lifestyle expert

Discover the entire MDR Team

October 26, 2018
Mary Angela Miller, MS, RDN, LD
November 29, 2016
Maria Loi, Chef
November 29, 2016
Elena Paravantes, Nutrition and Communications
November 29, 2016
Amy Riolo, Writer and TV personality
November 15, 2019
Dr. Lorenzo Terzi | Minister Counselor for Health and Food Safety in the Delegation of the European Union to the United States
November 15, 2019
Robert Byrne | senior manager at Technomic
November 15, 2019
Sarah Masoni | Food Innovation Center
June 20, 2019
Laurent Amzallag | Creator and head coach of Laurent’s Transformation Plan (LTP)