The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable™ (MDR), in collaboration with Chef Maria Loi, presents The MDR CONNECT, a revolutionary culinary concept! To bridge the transition from the current pandemic to the near future, when we will all be able to meet again in person, MDR Connect will offer a unique opportunity to Producers from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, and Spain, with a viable profile for the US market. We will secure matching opportunities with at least four American buyers for each selected company: during the meetings, buyers will taste the products live, while the producers will attend via virtual connection. 

At least 50 buyers will be selected and will be hosted in New York for this event, where we will provide “tasting boxes” from each participating producer.

ONLY 200+ hand-picked Mediterranean companies can participate in this extraordinary meeting!

Designed to promote unique and exquisite products, the selected participating Companies will also become part of the MDR and MCC Mediterranean Pantry online marketplace! As more and more food service and dining programs/services recognize the importance of the Mediterranean Diet, the MDR has become an authoritative voice in sourcing reliable, healthy, delicious and cost-effective Mediterranean delicacies.


There are many advantages to our MDR CONNECT program:

• Safer than hosting a trade show, participating buyers will be limited to 50, while hosted in a very large space, maintaining strict rules of social distancing and sanitization. We will provide each buyer with a secure internet connection device for the virtual meeting;
• Meetings will be focused and specific between parties who indicated preliminary interest in commercial exploration and the appropriate category buyers;
• This event is a cost-effective proposition for the participating Producers with important meeting prospects, saving them precious resources (money, time and energy) by investing a nominal fee and providing tasting kits for qualified buyers.

In addition to the B2B meetings and the MDR marketplace, participants will have access to informative webinars about the latest FDA regulations, logistic solutions for the American market, label revisions, and much more!


Registration: $3500 + shipping of 10 tasting kits.


Wednesday, June 9: from 8 am to 4 pm EST;
Thursday, June 10: from 9 am to 2 pm EST.

Your Company will be screened and presented to our pool of buyers to be evaluated. If interest is detected, we will progress with your inclusion in our MDR CONNECT. Minimum of four (4) B2B meetings guaranteed! Inclusion in the MDR and MCC webpages.

MDR CONNECT webinars

Wednesday, June 9: from 12 pm to 1:30 pm
Thursday, June 10: from 8 am to 9 am

In addition to the B2B, you will have exclusive access to our webinars about important topics, such as:
• Labeling
• FDA approval
• Logistic strategies
• Olive Oil Marketplace in the US


Wednesday, June 9 – 6:30 pm


In addition to the B2B meetings and the Webinars, there are sponsorship opportunities to enhance the visibility of your brand: impress buyers and the media at our exclusive Med Gala 2021, or bring your products to a TV show!

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is a series of events to inform, inspire and promote the appreciation of ingredients and food practices distinctive of the Mediterranean cuisine, translating the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet into commercial opportunities in the United States. The MDR is playing a key role in repositioning the Mediterranean Diet as a competitive driving force to shape the current offerings in retailers, e-commerce and high volume commercial and non-commercial food services in America. Since 2015, we’ve organized several prestigious events, attracting hundreds of qualified and high-profile participants, including American food industry leaders and scientists. We had the pleasure and the honor of hosting UN Ambassadors of Mediterranean countries, several Ambassadors to our signature event in Washington DC, and countless buyers, importers, distributors, and specialty food service operators.

Chef Maria Loi: Businesswoman, author, television personality and philanthropist Chef Maria Loi brought her knowledge of ancient Greek gastronomy to the USA eight years ago with the opening of her successful NYC restaurant and the launch of her award-winning eponymous lines of Loi Products. Chef Loi has written numerous books, including “Ancient Dining,” the official cookbook of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and her most recent book, “The Greek Diet.” Chef Loi is deeply involved in multiple causes benefitting health and education for children and other underserved populations. Her latest partnership with Dr. Stefanos Kales of Harvard University’s TH Chan School of Public Health aims to educate America and the rest of the world through television and various media initiatives about the powerful health benefits of the Greek Diet, the foundation of the Mediterranean Diet.

MDR CONNECT is designed for producers of excellence, who express local traditions with fantastic flavor profiles, engaging narratives, and global values. We strongly believe this event will be a tremendous success, and are confident about the benefits to the participating companies.