How important is to provide healthy, delicious, sustainable meals to students, workers, patients and beyond?

Millions of plates are prepared every day in different contexts. This year, the MDR will focus on how nutritional science can be translated into food policy for the wellbeing of the general population.

Stellar speakers, leading researchers and inspiring leaders, will inform, inspire and connect with our audience.

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable is an inspirational and experiential conference, where scientists and Food Industry leaders discuss dietary trends in America. An elite gathering, the MDR so far has attracted hundreds of professionals from all over the U.S. and the Mediterranean Countries. A team of outstanding professionals will lead a two half-day programs organized in panels about scientific findings, nutrition and social impact, menu’s engineering, exemplary stores and cafeteria strategies, and regulatory matters about Food and Beverages. Gain a deep understanding of the health values, commercial benefits & market trends in our dynamic, informative and interactive event! Don’t miss out the upcoming Mediterranean Diet Roundtable!

The MDR is an exclusive signature program by Accent PR.

Team 2019 - Washington, DC