Alex Athanassoulas is the founder and CEO of STIRIXIS Group, the globally awarded firm of Consultants and Designers and founder of, a think tank for future trends and transformation.
Alexander Athanassoulas | Founder and CEO of STIRIXIS Group
May 24, 2021
Mary Flynn, The Miriam Hospital
Mary Flynn | The Miriam Hospital
June 29, 2021

Maria Psoma

Medical School of Athens

Maria Psoma is a Medical Doctor and a PhD (Medical School of Athens), with an international background (Master at “Medicine and Surgery of Obesity by the Medical School of Paris, as well as a Fellow and Board Certified in Antiaging Medicine. Her approach to obesity is scientific but also holistic, given the complex nature of overweight and connected disease. Dr. Psoma is a frequent speaker in conferences related to Medical Nutrition and Prevention of Diseases, a frequent contributor in articles and author of 2 bestseller books (in Greek).