3-7 MAY 2022 - Salerno (Italy)


This new MDR event is designed to provide an opportunity to experience the authentic Mediterranean Diet, a healthy, mindful, and sustainable eating pattern. It promotes organizations and territories that epitomize this model, where Ancel Keys lived for almost three decades. The Mediterranean Diet today is praised by the global scientific community, which recognizes a strict relationship between its application and the reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and other severe inflammatory pathologies. An immersive experience that will unfold through iconic ingredients, allowing a close exam of all aspects, dynamics, and benefits for health, the environment, the culture, society, economy of the Mediterranean Diet.


WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 2022 Flag Cetara (10 am)

Sala Benincasa: Roundtable about the supply chain "Amare Nostrum. Sustainability and Health. The importance of the PDO."

  • Welcoming remarks by Fortunato Della Monica, Mayor of Cetara;
  • Fish and gut Health. Alessio Fasano (Harvard University and president of Ebris Foundation);
  • Fish, Slow Food and Simple Mediterranean Cuisine. Chef Marisa Iocco, Spiga Restaurant Boston;
  • Operations of the Flag, Approdo di Ulisse. Gennaro Fiume, Director of Flag Approdo di Ulisse;
  • Conclusive remarks. Riccardo Rigillo, General Director of Fish sector, Ministry of Agricultural, Food and ForestryLaboratory: Traditional technique in the preparation of anchovy "scapezzatura" in preparation of the colatura di Alici PDO.

THURSDAY MAY 5, 2022 Fondazione Ebris

Welcoming remarks. Vincenzo Napoli, Mayor of Salerno

  • Mediterranean Diet & Health. Alessio Fasano (Harvard University and president of Ebris Foundation);
  • Coffee break;
  • A review of the 2020-2025 US Dietary Guidelines for children: the importance of healthy dietary patterns at each life stage for a healthy lifetime. Ron Kleinman (Mass General Hospital);
  • Nutraceutical properties of Campania products. Giancarlo Tenore (University of Naples);
  • Mediterranean Diet: a food model to be implemented in school catering. Manuela Russo, VP OTACL.

FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2022 Museo Vivente della Dieta Mediterranea, Pollica

Welcoming remarks. Stefano Pisani, Mayor of Pollica and Valerio Calabrese, Director of the Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Food Bank, Food Insecurity and Mediterranean Diet. How the "Dieta Povera" should prevail in the Eating Patterns in America. Lauren Flechtner, MD, MPH (Harvard);
  • Dr. Dean Karalis: Challenges and Opportunities in the Prevention of CV Disease: A Focus on Lifestyle;
  • Considerations about the Mediterranean Diet. Gerardo Botti, Mayor of Sessa Cilento (former Scientific Director of the Pascale Institute of Naples);
  • Panel discussion: American Models of Nutrition: Primary Schools, College, Workplaces and Healthcare. A discussion with leading American Operators.


Alessio Fasano, MD

MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Harvard Medical School

Ronald E. Kleinman, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Dean G. Karalis, MD, FACC, FNLA, FAHA

Clinical Professor of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia

Rafi Taherian

Yale Hospitality

Ken Toong

Executive Director of University of Massachusetts, U-Mass Dining


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