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WebPort Global & Mediterranean Diet Roundtable Announce Partnership at Mediterranean Agro Food Products Exhibition

BOSTON, MA (February 2019) – WebPort Global, an online networking and data resource for the global trade ecosystem and Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) recently announced a new partnership at Mercato Mediterraneo.

The Mediterranean Diet was recognized by UNESCO in 2010 as a Global Intangible Cultural Heritage symbol of a unique synergy between nature and culture, distinctive of the Mediterranean countries, and regarded as a universal value worldwide.

The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes eating primarily plant-based foods, whole grains, legumes and nuts, as well as integrating healthy fats and oils, using herbs for seasoning and focusing on poultry and fish as a protein source.

The MDR Portal, powered by WebPort Global, will expand the visibility of commodity products and brands in those categories and also grow trade of these products as a direct conduit for SMEs producing these products globally.

Not only is MDR providing an outlet for these products, it is also is playing a key role in repositioning the Mediterranean Diet as a competitive ingredient-driven force to shape the current offering in high volume commercial and non-commercial operations, as well as with retailers worldwide.

MDR works with stakeholders in supply-chain, scientific research and media to forward its mission. The creation of the MDR Portal with WebPort Global is meant to bring those scientists, researchers and industry analysts together to accelerate the sharing of critical information about the Mediterranean Diet.

The partnership was announced to an enthusiastic audience on the main stage of Mercato Mediterraneo by WebPort Global, COO, Jim Kryzwicki, “Agriculture-focused SMEs are a major component in the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet and we want to provide tools and partnerships to help those SMEs succeed and to ‘Go Global.’”

“In our fluid marketplace, rich of fads coming and going, more than ever it is important to understand the significance of healthy living, sustainability, and global trade. The Mediterranean Diet offers a wonderful model to embrace such values. We are enthusiast of collaborating with WebPort Global to further our mission” adds Daniela Puglielli, founder of the MDR.

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About Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR):
The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is a thought leadership forum with a mission of promoting the appreciation of the Mediterranean Diet in America. The MDR is designed to inform, inspire and educate different audiences, creating a forum for an open exchange of ideas about diet and health.
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