The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable Goes to the Capitol!

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February 15, 2019
The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable goes to Washington
June 1, 2019

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable Goes to the Capitol!

The most Mediterranean event in America reinforces its message of promoting international trade and culinary culture for a healthier nation

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR), an experiential thought leadership program designed to inform, inspire and promote the appreciation of the Mediterranean cuisines in America, is pleased to announce its upcoming events, to be held in Washington, D.C., on June 26-27, 2019. The first event will be a “Med Gala” on Wednesday, June 26, at the Embassy of Italy (3000 Whitehaven St. NW). A full-day conference will follow on Thursday, June 27, at the Ronald Reagan building and International Trade Center (1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW).

The MDR offers an interdisciplinary environment focused on the Mediterranean Diet (from the Greek word diaita, meaning way of living, not a weight loss program). It brings together different aspects of food as a nutrient, an economic paradigm, an expression of social rituals and of cultural status. The aim of the MDR is to create a community of professionals from various disciplines and employment positions that fosters an improvement of the national food system, leading to healthier lives and a happier population. At the same time, the MDR offers a unique motivational environment and opportunity that enables participants to learn “best practices” from leading operators, scholars and stake holders in the fields of food services and nutrition.

While the Med Gala will offer a culinary adventure enabling an exploration of different authentic Mediterranean flavors in a glamorous setting, the MDR program is a celebration of the Mediterranean cuisine as a best expression of healthy eating. As such, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet are supported by a significant body of scientific evidence and are promoted by trend-setters and innovators who encourage the incorporation of the Mediterranean Diet as part of their philosophy of healthy eating.

This year the program will span multiple topics ranging from food science, presented by Professor Eric Decker (University of Massachusetts), to food policy, presented by Professor Parke Wilde (Tufts University). Two additional main topics to be presented will focus on food offerings and nutritional educational behavior in schools, namely in Kindergarten through the 12th grades, as well as on the challenges and offerings in hospitals and the healthcare industry. For the first time, a country-specific focus will be highlighted, starting with Cyprus, a gem of the Mediterranean Sea and an important crossroads of cultures and trade.

“The interest in food culture is evident from the surge of cooking classes, apps and dedicated nutritional service,” says Daniela Puglielli, MDR founder. “With the current demographic and environmental scenarios, it is now, more than ever, important to respond to this craze with practical answers. The Mediterranean Diet offers delicious, healthy and sustainable options: a diet good to the palate as well as great for the economy and the planet.”

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