MDR – Notre Dame Edition Recap
September 30, 2021
American College of Lifestyle Medicine Adds Dietary Think Tank Mediterranean Diet Roundtable to its Lifestyle Medicine Corporate Roundtable
November 23, 2021

The MDR announces Food Crossroads, its new live streaming with RD Allison Arnett

Boston, November 2021 – Great news for MDR community: Food Crossroads, a 7-episode signature live series, will kick off on Wednesdays at 11:00 am EST, with a preview scheduled on Friday, Nov. 5 at 11:00 am EST on MDR Facebook. The episodes, which will carry until Christmas, will focus on the Mediterranean as an intersection of culinary cultures and it will be led by Allison Arnett, MS, RD, CD-N, a dietitian specializing in chronic disease prevention, comprehensive wellness programs, and food systems.

Allison will discuss the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle and how they can be employed successfully in a busy, modern lifestyle, focusing on positive health outcomes through manageable and sustainable change. While the principles of the Mediterranean are associated with longevity, the distinctive flavor profiles are often tied to one or two countries rather than acknowledging the commonalities of the entire region.  The evolution of this conversation will draw inspiration from an inclusive approach, while at the same time it will recognize the application in specific heritage cuisine. Allison Arnett, Allison has worked with numerous organizations to create, direct, and consult on wellness programs and initiatives. She has also developed nutrition standards and menu architecture for national institutions and organizations such as Yale University. Allison promotes manageable and sustainable solutions for individuals and communities and encourages a shift toward healthier habits, sustainable foods, and positive health outcomes. As a mother of three young children, Allison shares her passion for wellness with her family through her love for cooking, activity, learning, and adventure.

Planned episodes include:

  1. Myriad Flavors: The architecture of a successful pantry (Wed. Nov. 10 @ 11 am EST)
  2. Health benefits, portion sizes. (Wed. Nov. 17 @ 11 am EST)
  3. Dietary restrictions and life stage adaptations. (Wed. Nov. 24 @ 11 am EST)
  4. Global concepts 1* (Wed. Dec. 1@ 11 am EST)
  5. Global concepts 2* (Wed. Dec. 8 @ 11 am EST)
  6. Global concepts: quick and easy meals* (Wed. Dec. 15 @ 11 am EST)
  7. Bringing it all together, lifestyle and activity, personalizing (Wed. Dec. 22 @ 11 am EST)

While we all are navigating the current challenges of ingredient shortages, disruptions, and high food/beverage costs, the MDR is creating content to stay healthy and engaged in food conversations that, believe it or not, impact the entire economy.

“The creation of programs like Food Crossroads are key to the MDR mission,” says Daniela Puglielli, founder of the MDR, adding: “They encourage progressive thoughts and applications of the Mediterranean Diet in America and as a desirable, multi-generational eating pattern.”

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