April 23, 2021

Cretan Roasted Zucchini

Cretan Roasted Zucchini In this traditional Cretan recipe, the zucchini is stuffed with garlic and then oven-roasted with tomatoes, parsley, and olive oil. This delicious recipe […]
April 22, 2021

Orzo with Feta and marinated Peppers

Orzo with Feta and marinated Peppers This orzo salad is full of flavor, with balsamic-marinated peppers that are paired perfectly with tangy, peppery teta cheese. lt’ […]
April 21, 2021

Greek-Style Pea casserole

Greek-Style Pea casserole Peas are stewed in a rich tornato sauce with carrot and potato in this delicious casserole that can be enjoyed as a main […]
April 14, 2021

Mushroom Style-Eggplant

Mushroom Style-Eggplant Melanzane a Funghetti PREP TIME: 10 MINUTES • COOK TIME: 35 MINUTES • YIELD: 4 TO 6 SERVINGS I lead culinary tours in Italy, […]