Fabio Bacchi | HO.RE.CA, Bartales

Orietta Maria Varnelli | Distilleria Varnelli
November 16, 2018

A leading figure in the Italian bar and spirits industry, Fabio Bacchi has distinguished himself in a career spanning more than thirty-five years. Having had extensive experience working with such international luxury hotel companies as CIGA, Sheraton-Starwood, the Dorchester Group, Cipriani, TUI, Seiler’s Hotel, and CIA, he has received several of the most important national and international awards in the food and spirits sector. Having trained extensively in many sectors of the hospitality industry, today he is a business owner of HO.RE.CA, as well as founder and editor of the bar industry publication Bartales. Fabio Bacchi collaborates with producers of several notable brands in the Italian spirit industry, and he participates in many professional educational programs within these fields. His other duties include career mentoring and bar management. Mr. Bacchi’s career has encompassed 40 countries on 4 continents, and, in addition, he is fluent in five languages.