“Extra” Confused About Olive Oil?

Specialty Food Association Partners with Mediterranean Diet Roundtable for What’s NEXT in Food
January 1, 2020
The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable™ (MDR) is pleased to introduce its first Extra Virgin Olive Oil Library to its audience!
The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable to launch its first Extra Virgin Olive Oil Library
January 14, 2021

“Extra” Confused About Olive Oil?

You’re not alone. Market research reveals that consumers have a lot of confusion about olive oil. For this reason, the NAOOA recently petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to establish a standard of identity for olive oils. Consumers need to know the differences among the grades, and producers should all be required to play by the same rules for olive oil labeling.

Sign our Online Petition

Help us convince FDA to eradicate olive oil confusion and to inform and to protect American consumers. Please read and sign the online petition asking FDA to take action at https://www.aboutoliveoil.org/olive-oil-fda-petition, and share with colleagues, friends and family.

Thank you.


Joseph R. Profaci
Executive Director
North American Olive Oil Association