Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The Truth in Your Kitchen

by David M. Neuman

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the first exciting meeting for Producers of Excellence

June 13 2022 at 6 pm - NYC


After the exciting collection of the 2021 superior EVOOs collection, we are please to announce the opening for the 2022 submissions!
Deadline: March 31, 2022.

MDR EVOO Library: Live from the FIELDS

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable presents: MDR EVOO LIBRARY - LIVE FROM THE FIELDS.
David Neuman takes you to experience the 2021 Harvest: a conversation with the Producers of our curated collection.
Hosted by David Neuman, Accredited Professional Taster.

MDR EVOO Library

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable presents: MDR EVOO LIBRARY.
A conversation with the Producers of our curated collection.
Hosted by David Neuman, Accredited Professional Taster

April 19, 2021

MDR EVOO Library: David Neuman presents Eugenie Kunst, Il Vulcino

MDR EVOO Library: David Neuman presents Eugenie Kunst, Il Vulcino. May 18, 2021 9:00 am MDR Facebook LIVE fb.com/mediterraneandietroundtable
April 12, 2021

MDR EVOO Library: David Neuman presents Anastasia Panteli, Atsas (live from Cyprus)

MDR EVOO Library: David Neuman presents Anastasia Panteli, Atsas (live from Cyprus). May 26, 2021 9:00 am EST MDR Facebook LIVE fb.com/mediterraneandietroundtable

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable™ (MDR) is pleased to introduce its first Extra Virgin Olive Oil Library to its audience!

Teaming up with Professional Olive Oil Taster David Neuman, the MDR is selecting 15 outstanding boutique producers to launch the MDR EVOO LIBRARY! We will promote them through dedicated tasting videos featuring David, while discussing also Mediterranean recipes and nutritional advice! A new, extraordinary entertaining and educational tool to expand the knowledge and appreciation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in America.
The selected brands will be available for purchase on the Mediterranean Culinary Concept website and be promoted to major food service distributors! Plus, more benefits that will be made available once a brand commits. An outstanding opportunity to expand into the American marketplace, with experts in this field to support you.


• Please send samples of your products (2 each per label);
• completed product photos;
• tasting profile/Spider graph;
• Suggested price list;
• Suggested food pairings;
• Front/back labels;
• Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of the LATEST harvest.


ONLY 100 ml and 500 ml samples are accepted.


Application/evaluation fee: $100. Your Product(s) will be evaluated and screened to see if it meets the quality standards required for this pilot project!

If selected, we require the following annual investment from participating brands:
$2500 (if products already FDA approved/distributed in the U.S.)
$3000 (if Products are NOT yet FDA approved/imported in the US)

Only 15 brands represented. Limit of 3 labels per brand.

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is a series of events to inform, inspire and promote the appreciation of ingredients and food practices distinctive of the Mediterranean cuisine, translating the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet into commercial opportunities in the United States. The MDR is playing a key role in repositioning the Mediterranean Diet as a competitive driving force to shape the current offerings in retailers, e-commerce and high volume commercial and non-commercial food services in America. Since 2015, we’ve organized several prestigious events, attracting hundreds of qualified and high-profile participants, including American food industry leaders and scientists. We had the pleasure and the honor of hosting UN Ambassadors of Mediterranean countries, several Ambassadors to our signature event in Washington DC, and countless buyers, importers, distributors, and specialty food service operators.


David Neuman, a/k/a EVOOGuy, is a 30-year industry veteran having built successful specialty/natural food businesses and brands at the highest executive level. Fifteen of those years dedicated exclusively to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as President of Lucini Italia Co. [Tuscan EVOO] (sold to California Olive Ranch in 2015) and CEO of Gaea North America, LLC [Greek Premium EVOO]. He is a certified Professional Olive Oil Taster, having trained for 9 years at the oldest Olive Oil school in the world, ONAOO in Imperia, Italy. His training continues to this day, spending a week in Italy every January at his school, to be re-certified. He consults now for some of the best Olive Oil brands around, is an International Olive Oil Judge and has his own branded olive oil business. Teaching the public how to taste, use and appreciate great EVOO is his passion.