A Mediterranean lunch with Bill Bradley

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June 3, 2020
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July 1, 2020

A Mediterranean lunch with Bill Bradley

Mediterranean Living

The first MDR cooking experience!

Thu, June 18 at 11.30 AM EST
MDR Facebook Live

How the foods of Crete can change your life (as it changed mine).
An interactive cooking class with Bill Bradley, R.D.

Bill is a Registered Dietitian, Lecturer, Author and the CEO of Mediterranean Living.  Bill’s life changed after visiting the Mediterranean island of Crete 15 years ago.  He lost 50 pounds, wrote a cookbook (with Koula Barydakis) and started teaching others about the healthiest diet in the world.  He currently lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife, Christine, and there 1 year old daughter, Sophia.  www.mediterraneanliving.com


Black Eyed Beans with Herbs
Authentic Greek Salad
Bread and Olive Oil

Things to talk about:

Olive oil (how much they eat, the burn)
Vegetables (how much they eat, how much the average American eats)
Alcohol (how they drink differently, health benefits)
Meat and beans (#1 protein in America, #1 protein in the Mediterranean)
My journey there, what I learned