The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable in California: A Network to address America’s health challenges?

Why Mediterranean? A word from our panelist, Prof. Immaculata DeVivo (Harvard Medical School)
February 17, 2016
Mediterranean Diet Roundtable: Bringing the Mediterranean Diet to Life
March 22, 2016

Skyrocketing rates of heart disease and obesity in the US open the doors for a delicious prevention: the Mediterranean Diet.

Beverly Hills – After much success in its pilot edition in 2015, the Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) announces its next event to be held on April 20-21, 2016 in Beverly Hills, CA (Beverly Hills Public Library, 444 N Rexford Dr.). Conceived as a quality networking event, the MDR aims to bring together decision-makers in the US food industry with Mediterranean counterparts. The first, revolutionary edition of MDR (which took place at CUNY, NYC) was a full house of iconic food industry leaders. In this California edition, there will be a rich program featuring world-class speakers, from university professors and directors to medical professionals to government officials, presenting substantial information on the benefits and application of the Mediterranean diet to the USA.

At the event, sad discoveries might occur: the most delicious pizza we know (the star of Americanized Mediterranean food), with grease swimming on top of fatty cheese, is a self-punishing act, and not even that tasty if you get to try the “real deal”.  After all, American cuisine is not best known for its health benefits, especially because of its harmful amounts of saturated fats and unnecessary sugars and nitrates. It does not come as a surprise: high-fructose corn syrup is a regular ingredient reigning in many packaged foods, along with palm oil and odd hormones in meat. While obesity rates range between 21% and 36% (a frightening increase from previous years as stated in, over 73.5 million  American adults face high LDL or “bad cholesterol” levels, which is mostly caused by bad fatty foods (, paving the way to serious heart disease, the biggest killer in the USA (1 in 4 adults per year). Many initiatives tried to counter this tale of health horror, including Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move project. However, while there are many treatments towards lowering risks of heart disease and obesity, one low-cost, delicious approach has been known for millennia and enjoyed by millions: The Mediterranean Diet, shared by about 22 countries and featuring distinctive styles but substantially similar food category patterns. Studies indicate that Mediterranean people have remarkably lower rates of heart disease and cholesterol than the USA, along with lowers risks of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and many more as mentioned on an abundant amount of recent articles by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Authentic recipes, and simple fresh ingredients will excite and seduce the American palates: real Italian delicacies, creamy Greek yogurt and dairy, succulent Turkish kebabs, crunchy Moroccan falafels, smooth Spanish olive oil, and hundreds of fun recipes, leaving the body more energized, more fulfilled (stomach-wise), and more ready to take on the day. The Mediterranean diet is not just good food; it’s a lifestyle.

Menu engineering and total quality approach, along with valuable market trends, importing strategies and scientific information, are just some of the topics addressed at the MDR. For more information about the MDR, registration and sponsorship opportunities, please visit . The event has been approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration for CPEUs credits.