Olympia+ Contest

The World Olive Center for Health Announces the Olympia+ Special MDR Awards for 2019

(Awards for Producers)

All olive oil producers and/or companies from all regions of the world are welcome to submit samples of olive oil for consideration in the Olympia Health and Nutrition competition (deadline for submission: 31 March, 2019).
Any producer achieving the standards established by the European Union health claim will be awarded a corresponding Gold, Silver or Bronze award, which is dependent upon the concentration of phenolic compounds present in the olive oil sample. The single requirement for participation in this competition is a certification of analysis of the phenolic content of at least one olive oil sample. The certificate of analysis is provided free of charge to participants in the ARISTOIL project. Non participants may obtain a sample analysis for a fee of 100 euro.

Olympia+: a new competition for olive oils in collaboration with the Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR)

In addition to our traditional contest, all candidates are welcome to participate in a new competition: The Olympia+ Award, created in collaboration with the Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR). The finalist will be awarded a 20.000 euro prize consisting of a purchase order for product and a contract for distribution to the American market.

To participate in this special opportunity, created by WOCH and MDR, a mandatory extra registration fee of 100 euro is required for a total of 200 euro (analysis and contest).

Each producer/company may submit samples for evaluation, either in bulk or in bottle, between November 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018.

By mid-January 2019, the committee will announce the list of the 30 top olive oil producers/companies, selected upon the phenolic content of the olive oil samples provided. Producers and companies not remitting the registration fee will not be considered.

The top 30 winners will then be required to submit a second sample for reevaluation and confirmation, without extra cost.  The second sample will be tested for conformity with the Extra Virgin category (including lack of organoleptic deficits, pesticide residues, etc). The reevaluation sample must correspond with a minimum available quantity of 1000 kg.

The top producer of the winning oil, will be awarded a purchase order of 20.000 euro, for distribution of the winning olive oil in the United States. The winner will be at liberty to propose an exact price per kg (upper limit of 20 euro per kg), aiming to elicit a potential agreement with the distribution chain beyond the frame of this competition and providing for a long term presence in the U.S. market.

Runners-up from the top 30 list will also be awarded a unique opportunity for B2B meetings with qualified buyers (from health and food markets) between March and June, 2019, organized by MDR.

All participants in the Olympia+ competition whose olive oils have achieved a phenolic content of greater than 500 mg/kg will be included in a separate list of winners that will be promoted to qualified buyers in the United States market. Winners will also be awarded with an annual membership in the WOCH, with names and contact information posted on the WOCH website.

All net revenue derived from the competition will be used to support research on the health-protective properties of olive oil, as presented on the website of WOCH.