MDR goes to Rome – Program


Friday, November 9 – starting at 2:00 pm

Health and Wellness through the Mediterranean Diet: pursuing the best lifestyle, nutrition and quality of life.
14.00 Welcoming remarks
14.15 1st session: Nutrition, nutraceutical and beyond: the future of nutrition for mankind. Prof. Giovanni SCAPAGNINI.
15.45 2nd session (panel): Science and Research: the Mediterranean Diet and its new frontiers in the New Millennium.
Guest speakers: Immaculata DE VIVO (Harvard University, USA), Antonia TRICHOPOULOU (Hellenic Health Foundation, Greece), Livia AUGUSTIN (University of Toronto, Canada); Prof. Antonino De Lorenzo (Università Torvergata, Roma).
16.00 Coffee Break
16.15 3rd session Good practices: Best in hospital offerings in the US and beyond. Guest speakers: (Dan Henroid, UC San Francisco Medical Center, Angelo Mojica, Johns Hopkins Medicine)
16.45 4th session Age-related nutrition: food service in colleges and universities. Moderated by Ken Toong, ranked #1 food service in the U.S. in Colleges and Universities. Featuring (Robert Holden, University of Georgia; Chris Abayasinghe, Notre Dame University, Rafi Taherian, VP, Yale). At the end, Roundtable discussion.


Sunday, November 25 – starting at 11:00 am

Business Opportunities through the Mediterranean Diet
11:00 am introduction and greetings
11:15 am US Market snapshots: trends, consumers’ behavior and beyond. Phil Kafarakis, President - Specialty Food Association. (45 minutes)
12-noon “Menus of Change: The Mediterranean Diet and the Global Plant-Forward Imperative”. Greg Drescher, VP of the Culinary Institute of America (45 minutes)
12:45 pm Break Lunch (about 1 hour)
Olive Oil tasting
2:00 pm The Science of Olive Oil (45 minutes). Prof. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Meliou, University of Athens (30 minutes)
2:30 pm Anise: an ancient Mediterranean tale (30 minutes)
3:00 pm The World Trade Center and the MDR portal. Presented by Jim Krzywicki (30 minutes)
3:30 pm Insights about importing products in the US and the world (logistic company) (30 minutes)
4:00 pm Q&A